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We Design, Build and Market Digital Products for Startups Right Up to Enterprise Level Businesses

We strongly believe that the right combination of these elements has the ability to put our clients on the map. We only work with companies we believe in. We want results that are really worth bragging about.


Make it beautiful

The voice and tone of your brand is everything. Your customer needs to relate to what you're saying to make sure it can fulfil their need. Make sure they remember your name.

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Design & development

Your website is the first point of call for prospective clients. It shouldn't just look like a supercar under the hood but perform like one also. Lucky for you we build Ferraris!

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Mobile App

Design & development

Building an app is always a scary prospect. Where to begin? We'll take you down the whole road from design to development to scaling your product to the masses. Better yet, we love doing it.

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When you have an idea but haven't quite mapped out what it should look like. Work with us to create a holistic look and feel for your product.

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Designing your brand

Make your users sit up

It's not enough to just create a product. There are millions of them. You've got to stand out from the pack and that starts with knowing who your customers are and what they want.

Get your brand recognised

You want to make sure your customer can relate to what you're saying whether that be through your brand, your copy or the design of your product. Make sure they remember your name.

Delight your customers

Each and every interaction should be natural and effortless. When customers relate to your brand you can enjoy better retention and more bottom line conversions. Giving you the results you want.

Website Design & Development

We can get your website designed, running and optimised in a matter of weeks.

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Optimising your website & app

Design your website

There are websites, and then there are websites. We'll work with you to make your dream product a reality. We'll start by mapping out the wireframe, a lo-fi prototype, then bring it to life.

Scale it to the masses

We'll make sure your product scales to fit any amount of traffic you have planned. However many customers, users or businesses we'll make sure it stays up and running flawlessly.


Once your symphony has been orchestrated, you may need to tweak the ensemble. We'll provide the flutes, the the trumpets and even the triangle to make sure your website is the best it can be.

App Design & Development

Apps apps apps. There are a lot in the market right now. So how do we make yours stand out from the crowd?

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User Interface

Fitting everything that makes your product valuable in such a small space can sometimes be a challenge. That's what we're here for. Our experts will define the parts before putting pen to paper.

User Experience

Once we have the pieces to the puzzle it's time to put it all together. The simplicity of your apps flow is paramount to make sure your users understand how to use it intuitively.

Cross Platform

When the puzzle is complete, it's time to build your app. We'll make it function on both iOS and Android operating systems. It's time to push to the store!

Work With Digital Experts

We're here to help you every step of the way.


Make your logo, website and app more beautiful. Be proud.


Build your company’s voice and image. Get remembered.


Determine your market, tactics and avenues for growth. Find traction.


Tell your story in every place. Web, social & beyond. Start a new chapter.


Vary your copy and design to increase conversions. Increase efficiency.


Build your presence on search and receive more visitors. Stay on page one.

Social Media

Branding, scheduling and customer support. Tap into your fan base.

Lead Generation

Find and convert new, prospective customers. Achieve more sales.

How It Works

From start to finish and beyond, we've got your back


Lets have a chat to work out what best suits your business needs.


We'll then work out solutions that can fit your needs.


We then send over a full proposal with a detailed timeline & deliverables.


You'll meet the Boffin team creating your product.


We'll deliver progressive iterations according to milestones.


When it's done we'll be a whistle-away if you need any support.

Boffin Made

Why our customers keep coming back for more

"We're getting some great conversions from our website. I have to say thank you to the Boffins for doing an awesome job on the re-build. Fast and in-budget, just what a startup needs. Would definitely recommend them."

Odera, CEO Viewsy

"Thanks for the great work on our branding and design guys. Looking forward to working together in the future."

Lorenzo, CEO Artegee

"What can I say about these guys. They helped me set up my whole business, from branding to development to acquiring new customers and optimisations. These guys are the full package! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to expand their business."

Mike, CEO Porters Principles

Take your product to the next level

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