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In short...

Douglas the founder of Nettoyer had worked with a couple of developers to put together a simple website for his cleaning business. Each time he had overpaid and been left with a sub-standard product. He came to us wanting a full re-brand and development of his site from the ground up. He was off to Mipim in under a month so the deadline was tight.

We delivered his website to him in 3 weeks, mobile optimised and ready for the conference. Within the first weeks he had compliments on the design and had won business from key clients.

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  • Project Duration 3 weeks
  • Location London
  • Website
  • Services Design & Development
  • Tools Used Sketch, Photoshop, Trello, Slack, Github, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Google Analytics, Cloudflare
  • People Involved Ed, Sharan & Tibor

Step 1

Mapping Out The Brand

To begin we mapped out what Douglas wanted his brand to embody. The voice, the tone of Nettoyer. We put together a mood board to showcase the different types of images we wanted to associate with his brand. Nettoyer's cleaning brand really embodied the old school quality clean, but Douglas still wanted to appeal to the younger demographic. He really liked Handy's website so we tried to stick within those guidelines, but still have a more traditional feel to their brand. We came up with some images that suited both types of the market, it really was not the easiest thing on the planet.

Step 2


We identified the business archetype of who Nettoyer really wanted to target, their positioning strategy for targeting them and why they would want to use Nettoyer's services over anyone else. From this we then created the logo, defined the colour scheme and fonts we wanted to use. The band was bold, which we loved.

Step 3

Wireframing & Copywriting

Now that we knew what the brand embodied and who we were targeting; we began to map out the sections of the website. We started with a one page site, but then slowly realised we needed to separate the site into different pages. The wireframing took a little longer then expected, but we had a good map of the site in around 48hrs. Once the sections had been defined, we began writing out the copy for the website, iconography and selecting the imagery.

Step 4

Feedback & Tweaks

We sent out the website to the rest of the Nettoyer team as well as some close clients of theirs to see what they thought. The feedback was great and the changes requested were very minimal. We equated all of this into deliverables and implemented them in under 48hrs.

Step 5

It's Building Time

It was now time to build the site and get it into Douglas's. hands. We developed the website using Webflow, optimised for mobile and tablet and had it out the door before his deadline. Take a look, we think it turned out pretty good considering the time constraints:

What did Douglas have to say about us?

"The Boffins really took care of my whole online presence. I had a couple bad experiences in the past, but these guys turned it around producing a great, simple website for my business. I would highly recommend their services."

Douglas, CEO Nettoyer

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