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Creating a better experience for people who love events. One app at a time.


In short...

Our team all love events, so we thought why not create an app that will help make a better experience for people going to events. We had the idea of improving them specifically for music festival enthusiasts initially before realising that most event types had similar problems. We built the product. Named it Waffle. Went with iOS first and put it on the App Store.

After a few months of trying to market the product it slowly turned out that it made more sense to white-label the app for event providers. So we decided to re-build the product from the ground up. We made it replicable allowing us to then create a product with core foundations for different events that we can completely customise depending on the event providers requirements. So far we've been working with some really cool events to improve the attendee experience.

Interesting Facts

We love house music! Guess who our favourite artist is & get a free consultation.

The Boffins have a total of 16 years digital marketing and design experience under their belts.

Our favourite app is Waffle an awesome app for connecting people at events.

We work 7 days a week, because we love what we do!

We’re based in Central London, why not join us for a coffee? It's on us :)

  • Project Duration 6 months
  • Location London
  • Website
  • Services Branding, Design & Development
  • Tools Used Marvel, Frontify, Sketch, Photoshop, Trello, Slack, Github, Atom, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Cloudfront, Cloudflare
  • Who Was Involved: Bruno, Ed, Edgar, Hugo, Sharan, Tiago & Tibor

Step 1

Mapping Out The Brand

To begin we identified what Waffle as a brand stood for and what we wanted the brand to embody. We put together the reasons for the creation of the brand, the vision for it and the values. It slowly became clear that Waffle was a rebel. A brand that was inline with those like Snapchat. A misfit. Something that needed taming. We extended that a bit further and created a full presentation for what Waffle really stood for.

Step 2


Then came the creation of its logo, the fonts and the colour scheme. The colour scheme was relatively easy to identify given the orange feeling of a waffle (the food). We then came up with some logo variations that could suit different use cases. I mean there is only so much orange anyone can handle! The fonts and branding lingo were the next point of call to then finish off the branding marathon we had put ourselves through.

Step 3

App Wireframing

Putting together the core functions of the app while making a simple user flow took us a little while. The initial user experience and interface took us a total of around 6 weeks to complete. We took this through several wire-framing iterations to make sure that we could get the user experience perfect before we moved onto the app designs.

Step 4

App Design

It was now time to design the full app. The wireframes were relatively detailed which made life designing the full product much easier. We wanted to keep everything about the app bold, to keep inline with the branding. The app turned out great, for a first iteration we were even impressed with ourselves.

Step 5

App Feedback

We shared our designed prototype with a few people from our target market to get their feedback. We learnt that a few of the elements of the product were not as intuitive as we thought and iterated on them to make sure consumers understood exactly what they could do on it.

Step 6

App Building

Once we had the relevant feedback it was time to build the app. We focused on iOS solely to make sure that we could speed up the development time and get the product to market. Once we had that and perfected the user experience it would then make sense to go for Android, rather than iterating on two products at the same time.

Step 7

Website Design

Next was the website. We wanted to make the website was as simple as possible to proliferate the benefits of the product to the target market and prompt the user to download the app. We designed the site as one page to save time and took the user through a flow of how they would use the product.

Step 8

Website Building

We had simplified the website enough that it made life relatively easy to build. We got it out the door, mobile optimised, page speed optimised and with the SEO nailed down in a couple of weeks. We then added a layer of analytics to make sure that everything users did on the website was tracked.

Step 9


We looked at a lot of different ways of marketing Waffle. Offline seemed like the cheapest and most efficient way to go considering the online competition and high cost per clicks. We really went to town with some of the ideas, and came up with a dozen strategies and branding elements ranging from stickers, to t-shirts, to flyers, to even condoms.

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