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Web Design & Development

We'll have your website designed, running & optimised in a matter of weeks.


We start by mapping out a skeleton of the website. This includes all the different parts of the site in order to provide us with a rough idea of the user experience and interface.

User Interface

The user interface is to showcase exactly what your website will look like. We'll map out all the moving parts in a logical fashion to reduce your customer's anxiety to purchase.

User Experience

The user experience is identifying how your customers will be navigating your website. What is the best way to take them through your site and optimise for that purchase decision?

For Waffle we defined a simple UI and UX initially to map out what the website would look like. We went through a few variations till we got it right.

Wireframe My Website

Website Design

Once we've mapped out all the parts, and the user flows we'll then put pen to paper and begin designing your website.

A little teaser of how Waffle's landing page turned out. We worked on Waffle's website to appeal to their target demographic of young event-goers that would be likely to use their application.

Design My Website

Website Development

It's Building Time! Once we have designed the full website we will begin building. Our full stack development team will use the most efficient architecture to get your site into the hands of your customers pronto.

A little video of Tiago giving it his all when creating the website for Waffle.

Out the door

Our web developers are senior guys who build awesome products on a daily basis. We'll make sure to have your product up and running fast so you can get it out there to your customers.

Cyclical building

In order to create efficient testing cycles we'll build your website in parts. This way we can minimise final stage testing and bring it to your customers bug-free and ready to use on delivery day.

Optimised for mobile and tablets

Mobile and tablets account for over 50% of the time people spend browsing. We make sure your site is optimised for all major screen sizes so it can convert wherever your users are.

Build My Website

Some of the tools we use to design and build your website

Some of the languages we use to develop your website

The Boffin Website Team

The People crazy enough to think they can change the world


Photo of Tibor Lovas
Tibor Lovas
Digital Designer

Previously the design team lead at ScreamingBox. For over 10 years he has been designing for everything that has a screen. He loves surfing, drawing ideas & sometimes boils eggs in the microwave.

Photo of Sharan Soni
Hugo Passarinho
Creative Designer

With over 15 years experience in the creative industry, and being Samsung's creative director, Hugo has a strong grasp on the conceptual that can be applied to any form of design expression.


Photo of Sharan Soni
Bruno Sousa
Product Architect

Bruno has built and led world-class development teams. His strong tech focus comes from architecting anything from small to enterprise solutions across the digital space.

Photo of Edward Heywood
Edgar Antunes
Mobile Developer

Edgar is as quick on a mobile device as Elon Musk in a Tesla. He has been developing for iOS and Android since their inception. He is also the undisputed Mortal Kombat enthusiast of 2017!

Photo of Sharan Soni
Tiago Sousa
Product Builder

Tiago’s a focused, goal orientated developer that always delivers. In his extensive career, he’s worked for some of the giants of the fashion & gambling industries.

Project Management

Photo of Edward Heywood
Ed Heywood
Biz Dev Guy

The Startup guy who's conducted the business development for numerous startups including Waffle, Neighbour and Mint Digital. He likes cookies and lifting heavy things from A to B and back again.

Photo of Sharan Soni
Sharan Soni
Growth Hacker

Since the early 2010's he's been hacking his way up the ladder. Sharan worked for many noteworthy companies including Knight Frank & Luxlo. He likes waffles and singing in the shower!

What did Douglas have to say about us?

"The Boffins really took care of my whole online presence. I had a couple bad experiences in the past, but these guys turned it around producing a great, simple website for my business. I would highly recommend their services."

Douglas, CEO Nettoyer

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